Scholarship Recipient

Evelyn Morfin

Evelyn Morfin’s father spoke very little about his childhood and even less about the family he left behind in Mexico to build a better life in America. It was a trip she took with her parents to see her extended family in Mexico that changed her forever. Her “abuela” (grandmother) welcomed them with what she had, but Morfin was shocked to see the conditions they lived in. Houses made of dirt and wood, and the rags they wore as clothes – she’d never seen such poverty. But her immediate sense of sympathy was soon replaced by admiration. They had a pride about them that Morfin realized she had seen so much of in her own parents. Morfin now shares that sense of pride and her father’s fierce loyalty to not only her family, but her own extended community. Having been blessed by her parents’ perseverance and the government’s financial aid, she attends college where she not only excels academically, but philanthropically. She started a Club called “Con Corazon” (With Heart) which raises funds to build houses for deserving families in Baja California. Dozens of homes have been built affecting over hundreds of Hispanics. Equally important, a number of Morfin’s friends and schoolmates support her efforts and the charity keeps evolving, and growing in its members and supporters.

“Con Corazon brings happiness into my life because I have seen in the eyes of the families we help. We have a lot more in common than they know. My dad not only helped me, he helped so many others… and that is a legacy I am proud to continue”.