Scholarship Recipient

Clara Vu

Clara Vu’s parents taught her if you believe; you achieve. They left their home in Vietnam for the belief that their daughter would have a better life in America and they forfeited their education and held working class jobs so they could offer her a rich future of hope and possibilities. And Vu is working very hard, to make her parents proud. As ambitious as she is intelligent, Vu has lofty goals to mirror her parents’ unrelenting unselfishness to make a positive impact on society. She currently uses her talent for piano to tutor other students and the thrill of giving, lends itself to her lofty future goals including Harvard Medical School, where she dreams of closing the gaps between non-English speaking patients and medical workers. She also dreams of studying science, curing genetic diseases, and traveling to underprivileged countries to provide hope and relief for others. “Believe in yourself and you can do anything” her parents always taught her. With her fierce tenacity to honor her parents, she most assuredly, will do just that.