OC Public Relations
On Purpose is happy to have OCPR handle the press releases and distribution for On Purpose.

OC Public Relations is a broad-based, active force to bring you, your company, and/or the cause you work so hard for right up to the top of the public consciousness.

OCPR makes your news newsworthy, and does it with teams of highly skilled professionals organized to provide expert specialized service in everything from media relations to planning and publicity for special events; to making your voice both heard and important on the social media front; to email marketing for business, social affairs and philanthropic causes so vital to the Orange County experience.

OCPR’s founder, Sue Tucker, is also exactly what you’d expect from a high-powered PR executive. She’s a charming and ebullient ball-of-fire; fast moving and bubbling-over with good ideas to make her clients the topic of everyone’s conversation. Known throughout the industry for skills that put those good ideas into unbeatable effect, she backs them up with more than 25 years of successful experience; a devoted and expert support staff, a massive personal business, philanthropic, and journalistic background, immense practical knowledge directly applicable to her clients’ needs, and – in this industry where who you know can easily be just as important as what you know – she knows, has worked with, has done favors for, and is admired by practically everybody!

OCPR’s clients are 50% corporate businesses, 50% nonprofits, and 100% satisfied.